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Repent! Repent! Repent!
Prophets are saying Judgements has Started!
Repent! Now! Before It is too Late!
Jesus is the ONLY path to Salvation!

THE MARK of the BEAST (chip or shots)!
Anything that Changes Your DNA!
Shots Have Nanorobots (Nanites)in it!

They are Concentration Death Camps especially for Christians!!

ET/Alien Discloser Coming in June 2021
(Instead of Ancient Aliens / Use Term Fallen Angels)
FEMA has over 1260 of these around the country, they will hold many thousand people each. Why?
FEMA just ordered over 30,000 Guillotines. Why?
FEMA has purchased over 2 Billion rounds of Ammo in last 4 years! Why?
FEMA just ordered thousands of boxcars with shackles! Why?
FEMA has begun Training Pastors to lead followers to FEMA Camps! Why?

Prepare For Bad Times!
Food, Water, Shelter, and Firearms!
Enough for at least 6 months! 12 months is better!!
Major Famine and Drought Has Already Begun this Year 2021!!
Food and Water Prices Already Going Up, Food Shortage
This Year Will make Paper Towels and Toilet Paper Shortage
Last Year Look Like It was Nothing!!!

Link--Cascadia Movie - Steve Quayle

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Link--Paul Begley (Good Information!)

Link-- The Final Days

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You need a safe place, food, water, and
a means of protection!
Please Repent of your sins!,
Jesus is the ONLY way!
get ready, the End is Here!!!

Future USA
Future Map of the USA


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Let the Truth About the Real Mark Be Know!!!

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