Israel is a very small nation of about 6.5 million that is surrounded by some 300 million Arabs

     just in the nations that have border with her.


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The border with Jordan is 147 miles long.

The border with Syria is 47 miles long.

The border with Lebanon is 49 miles long.

The border with Egypt is 125 miles long.

Israel has about a 7.5 miles border on the Red Sea.


The population of Israel is about 15% Muslims, 3% Christian, the rest is Jewish.

IsraelŐs Eastern border is 194 miles long, it is only 71 miles wide at its widest point, and is only 9 miles wide at its narrowest point (about 40 miles if you include the West Bank).  Amman, Jordan is only 30 miles from Jerusalem, and Damascus, Syria is only 25 miles from IsraelŐs Northern border.


If Jordan was to attack, Israel would only have about 5 min to respond.  If Syria was to attack, Israel would only have about

10 min to respond.


There are some 40, 000 missiles in Lebanon pointed at Israel by Hezbollah (Iranian backed).  Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other smaller groups also are a part of the threat to Israel.  Syria supports these groups by letting them work from within their borders and helps Iran transport and supply these groups with arms.  There are some 75 thousand troops on the Syrian border made up of hard line troops, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.   They claim to have over 70, 000 rockets pointed at Israel.  Hezbollah also claims to have 40,000 rockets in Jordan.  Hezbollah  organization has been headed by Hassan Nasrallah, its Secretary-General who works out of  Damascus, Syria.


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JordanŐs population is made up 70% Palestinians.





Israel is surrounded by its enemies!  And, they are heavily armed!