The Rapture !

When Christ Comes For His Bride!

The Raputre of the Church, is not very far off. Here are the major events that must take place before the Rapture will happen.


  • It is possible that a great disaster may befall the United States to help lessen its' importance in the world. Remember, the United States is NOT mentioned in bible prophecy! Many other nations are, why would america, the World's leading Super Power not be mentioned, unless it is no longer of any importance to the world.

    Remember, what ever you do to Israel, God will do to you! Obama is now calling for Israel to be divided. God's judgment on America maybe that he divides America. The New Madrid Fault is over due by 20 years. A very large earthquake may sink the Mississippi basin, letting the ocean flood in. It would kill millions, disrup supplies and travel, break gas and oil pipelines. And, it would very physically, divide America with a new "Gulf of America".

    Remember, God is very clear in the Bible! Don't mess with Israel, and do NOT divide HIS land! I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.

    Watch the video below! If you think those who know are not worried! The event though, maybe even bigger than they think!